ReelityTV's Origin & Philosophies

ReelityTV originally launched in July 2012 in Singapore as an affiliate to leading blog advertising company Nuffnang, RTV is an online channel (Singapore) as well as a Video Production House (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand). We are an agency that specializes in quality video production for client’s Youtube, Vimeo channels, etc. We also have exclusive access to a growing pool of key opinion leaders on blogs and social media.

Video Content

A video online content specialist

We are not like traditional Production companies. ReelityTV specializes in online content. We listen, advise, craft and produce original Content to be uploaded to YOUR ONLINE SITES & CHANNELS.

Content Oversaturated

Stand out in a world of oversaturated content.

We believe in creating GOOD CONTENT allows your videos to have an emotional IMPACT on your audience. Think: laughter, tears, excitement, inspiration!

Media Influencers

Create synergy with top social media influencers

With our exclusive affliation with Nuffnang and ChurpChurp we have a pool of leading bloggers, social media influencers, and celebrities who can star in your videos or become a big part of our sharing strategy.

Content is King

Content is king!

With our varied skillket, we can create content with lasting production value that can fit any goal/objective for your brand.

We're Regional

We're regional!

We're now in 3 countries! ReelityTV is now operating in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand so hit us up, we're excited to be part of your brand's video story.

We work with some great partners

We’re excited to work with you! Send us an enquiry, we will contact you within 24 hours

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The crew behind the scene MY crew Kenneth

Kenneth spends most of his free time figuring out why watermelons have seeds, but on more serious days he spends his time churning out creative ideas for the next big thing online. He hopes to one day merge these two passions together to create meaningful content for brands out there. MY director Michael

When he is not doing Producer type things at RTV, he can be found acting on stage or on camera or teaching kickboxing at gyms. He dreams of a day that he can be a superhero too. For now, he will stick with producing kickass content, one video at a time. MY crew Isaiah

Besides possessing immense talent in eating, Isaiah is also a full time assistant producer, part time magician editor and quarter time technical lead in the team. Sometimes, he does all four at the same time! You might notice “time” is mentioned most of the time and that’s because Isaiah believes in time. Strongly. So be on time for meetings!